My Story

Joining Scentsy for me was, in the beginning, just a way for me to get my products at a discount. I was about to submit another $75 order to my Scentsy consultant when she finally convinced me that adding just $24 more to that amount would pay for my entire Starter Kit full of free products that I was about to buy anyway! Then at that point, I would also be able to continue to earn more free and discounted products by being a Scentsy Consultant. Not to mention the fact that all of my friends and family that already loved Scentsy could start ordering from me instead of her! Made perfect "scents" to me, so I joined. 
Little did I know how much I would LOVE it - within the very first week, I could feel something re-awakening inside of me that I didn't realize had been asleep for so long. That feeling of being a part of something bigger -- that feeling of belonging to an amazing organization that does so much to empower women (and men too!) to reach their full potential and that rewards us greatly when we do!
I am looking forward to where this "scentsational" journey continues to take me!